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Welcome to Volition


This webpage contains information and updates about the guild, Volition. Please check out our forums and news sections for any important updates and information. Thanks!
Established on December 26, 2010

We are Volition of Khaini!! Volition is led by Eveliesce, and is a guild filled with a majority of level 100+ active, adult (17 and older) players. Volition is part of the Daisuke Alliance which currently houses 2 other guilds, RESET, and Jinchuuriki. Currently the alliance is looking for more guilds to join us.

Please be advised that our recruiting process is very unique and selective. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions tab above for why we resort to conducting "interviews." For new recruits, we prefer main characters that are at least level 80. Again, please check our Frequently Asked Questions section for more details as to why that is. We're also looking for dedicated, mature, active people to join us.We organize a number of party quests and expeditions including Zakum Runs, Targa/Scarlion Runs, Crimsonwood Keep Party Quests, etc. Volition also assists members with pre-requisites for any of these listed runs. Please contact Eveliesce or Meryltastic in game for more information on joining the guild :)

Guild News

Volition Summer Update [ May-June 2011]

Eveliesce, Jun 11, 11 2:19 AM.
Hi, guys. Eveliesce (Meryl) here! So Volition underwent many changes before the season of summer arrived. I am here to answer any questions that you may have after reading this newsletter. Once again, you can write to me using the guild website mail system or whisper me in game.

I would also like to take the opportunity to inform you that I will be less active starting from June 17th to June 25th (although that can all change depending on if I'm able to get internet service in Vermont :P). Jimmy (Brokethrough) will continue to communicate with me regarding any concerns that happen while I'm away. Here are the latest updates:

1. Volition Departures
Sadly, we've had a few departures or "see ya laters" in our guild. However, we continue to wish them the best of luck in everything they hope to pursue. These people include Drew (SeedofDrew), DJ (Rayleone), Angelina (VioletsRBlue), Danny (SuperxSadistx), and Ex (WarriorSigil). Again, we wish them all the best!

That brings us to the question.. What happened to Starlis? I am only answering this question once (hence, why it is important to read the guild website). Starlis use to be the other co-leader of the guild. However, due to differences, she is no longer a member of our guild. I would like to promote however that we extend our gratitude and acceptance to her regardless. During her time in Volition, she was always respected and will forever remain respected. 

Now, with these departures, I'm sure there are some guild members quite upset or sad about the changes in activeness with the guild. However, I have always believed that what happens makes us stronger as a result. Think about the guild as a whole. While you are always welcome to bring your individual concerns with me and I will do my best to resolve them, this guild is not about just solely one person. Volition serves everybody. While people come and go, we need to remember that regardless there are always people in this guild who are willing to stick by your side. It is my ultimate goal for everyone to remember that.

2. Guild Concerns
I would like to take the opportunity to let you guys know how I handle guild concerns. Depending on the situation, I don't like to give out specific details about incidents and instead address the larger issue surrounding it. Therefore, if something is wrong, I like to talk about how one could change instead of saying a whole bunch of, "Well in so and so day, you ..." I feel that's better in trying to find out how you can improve. Another common concern that I am getting is that people seem to think there's a lot of drama or "talking behind people's backs" in this guild. Just as in the workplace, a lot of people will resort to talking to their superior about their co-worker if they have a problem they need to address. Usually what the superior will do after that is either call a meeting amongst the three of you, or talk to both of you individually. This is what usually happens here in Volition as well. I don't expect people, especially both new and old members, to feel comfortable right away in addressing their concerns openly to a guild mate they're upset about. There are some who simply are too nervous and can't communicate effectively, or some that would rather just avoid the situation altogether. Please understand that while some would prefer things being told directly to them, there are also those who would just like to keep the peace within the guild. Also, this is NOT in any way called "talking behind someone's back," but rather it is bringing forth a concern to someone who will do their best to supply an unbiased response. If a significant portion of the guild is coming to me with the same type of concern about the same type of person, then the response becomes a bit more biased. Hence, why respect is critical in this guild.

In addition, ff you continue to believe that the guild gossips or talks behind one's back, then I suggest you also look closely if you're following the same behavior. I have always welcomed anyone to talk to me for advice,  for someone to vent to, for someone to hear your frustrations out, etc. If things are not being addressed to me, but are instead being addressed to other people, then there's really nothing I can do about that. I accept it for what it is, and just try my best to improve on my faults. This is how I want people to react. Where ever you go, there will always be something considered gossip or hidden from you. What defines you as an adult is how you handle the situation afterwards.

3. Guild Runs

As you know, we have made every effort to schedule various runs. Congratulations to Volition for successfully going on CWKPQ runs as well :) Due to our varying schedules, its very difficult to establish an ongoing, consistent schedule for runs. However, we do our best to inform you guys of upcoming runs in guild chat, on the website, and on the Facebook Group Page. For future information, usually our runs happen between 7pm-10pmEST/4pm-7pm PST. They however DO NOT ALWAYS occur depending on circumstance and number of people on, but these are usually the range of times that Zakum runs or Scarlion/Targa runs occur.

4. Guild Events
Before Volition use to do a variety of small raffles or guild events. In our forums, we've laid out a suggestion thread where guild mates are always welcome to share their ideas regarding events. I know that Wendy has suggested a fame contest, Mikey (KeepItChill) has suggested creating a guild karaoke video, and more! There have been plenty of great ideas and I am truly looking for the time to schedule all of them :) Please suggest more ideas on our forums!!

5. Alliance
I am in the process of looking into adding 2 more guilds to our alliance. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. The guilds I recruit should have similar qualities as Volition, but I am aiming to recruit guilds that have a majority of level 120+ players. Once again, I'm welcome to any suggestions :)

That's all for now. Happy summer mapling, Voliitonites!!!!

End of May Update

StarIis, May 27, 11 5:10 AM.
Volition is now accepting secondary/alternate characters into the guild. Since expansion is cheap, we can house everybody, and more people added to the guild means more guild points. We also would like to encourage everyone to be more active in our forums. This site was made for you guys, so put it to good use.

April showers bring more Volition updates!!!!!!

Eveliesce, Apr 18, 11 12:46 AM.
Hi Volition-ites! As we wrap up April soon, Paula and I are informing you about a few updates that we've discussed. Please keep in mind that it is important that you read up on previous news that has been posted on our website. We'd also like to take the opportunity to welcome our newest members: TheDecayed, BrokeThrough, Tiafel, MayLillies, Wendylenn, ArrowGatlin, xLamFungx, and Borgersi! Also warm welcomes to CynicalShin and xKaosWalkerx, who use to be Paula's and my former guildies from before Volition was even established!


We've rescheduled one finally!!! After speaking with various guild mates from our alliance, we've decided to schedule the Crimsonwood Keep Forest Manhunt event on Saturday, April 30th, 2011. Teams of 5 or 10 from various guilds in our alliance will be assembled for this event! Please contact Eveliesce (Meryl) for more details. In addition, a Volition raffle event will occur soon! We haven't had one in a long time! Details to be announced!

As you've realized, Paula has created the following new ranking titles:

Rank 1 - (Master) Obligated
Rank 2 - (Jr. Master) Committed
Rank 3 - Devoted
Rank 4 - Dedicated

All guild members start out as Dedicated, obviously. However, we are implementing a new ranking system in which soon people who display a potential of being a Junior Master will be ranked as "Devoted." From then on, "Devoted" members will be watched to see if they can maintain that ranking in order to eventually become "Committed." Just know that it may take numerous days or weeks to finally become "Committed." The point of this new ranking system is to realize the true commitment behind being administrators of Volition. We not only need you to prove that you contribute or that you show leadership qualities, but that you consistently show us that we can trust you.

Volition now does Zakum Runs!
It's official! Volition now does constant Zakum runs at least two to three times a week. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts, our runs usually occur during late night hours Eastern Standard Time (e.g. 1am-3am EST) and only occur when we have enough attackers. However, if you have not completed Zakum prequests yet, please leave a message on our BBS or contact Starlis, Eveliesce, or WarriorSigil for help in completion of these prequests. Paula and I have been farming zombie gold teeth, but Exion (WarriorSigil) has been leading guild mates into the jump quests. Thanks for all your help, Ex!

Guild Contributions
A lot of our members have been asking about contributing mesos for the guild. However, because of past concerns and issues, Paula and I are hesitant in accepting ANY meso donations for expansions. From experience, some people who tend to contribute mesos to the guild feel as though Paula and I are obligated to recognize them constantly. We do in fact sincerely thank our guild mates who do contribute. However, if you are providing mesos or effort in the hopes of us promoting you as a Junior Master or giving you special attention then we would prefer you not contribute at all. This has been the case in some instances. We don't want you to think that by paying for certain things you can then take advantage. Therefore, please withhold any meso offerings for expansion until further notice. If you really want to pay for something, we would suggest Guild Skills instead.

That's all, folks!! Happy Mapling!!

- M&P


Eveliesce, Mar 15, 11 11:49 PM.
Hi everyone! Paula and I have been discussing a lot of things involving the guild recently and we'd like to take the time to inform you about a few important events, updates, and changes that will be occurring. With the consideration of everyone who's suggested things in our forums and who's shared their opinions to us, Paula and I have worked hard to organize the
following editions:

Regarding Secondary Characters **(UPDATED!!)**
Because of the recent Ultimate Adventurer patch, we understand that a lot of people are trying to create Cygnus Knights. However, our same rule still applies -- We are only interested in main characters. Main characters can be defined as a character that you are most active on and that you intend to level for a significant portion of time. As we've addressed before, we want to encourage the concept of leveling again because we want to be able to take you guys on runs that you've all been desiring to go to. Therefore, we preferably want you to stick to one character and level that one character up to the level needed to effectively boss.

**However, it is now allowed for members who have stayed within the guild for a considerable length of time AND who have contributed to expansions and guild skills to have their secondary characters in Volition. Because expansions are now much cheaper and because we're always in need of GP, Paula and I have come to this solution. Remember, only members who have contributed or who have been a member for a while can have their secondary characters stay in Volition. Therefore, effective today, disregard any transferring of secondary characters to Jinchuuriki. Thank you.

**UPDATE** Guild Website FAQ section added
Because of the number of questions we still get constantly (even after they've been answered), members and prospective recruits can now visit our Frequent Asked Questions page which can be accessed on the tab above.

Respect is our #1 Rule!!!!
I am getting a dozen reports back and forth about people getting into pointless, childish arguments with either guild members or alliance members. You need to understand the definition of maturity in these cases. If something offends someone, and they decide to AFK or separate themselves from the situation momentarily, IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY'RE BEING IMMATURE OR BABY-ISH. In fact, that is an aspect of true maturity because they're able to know when they've taken things too far and are able to leave the situation before it gets even worse. If someone tells you something offended them, take a moment to understand and try your best to consider that from now on. I don't care if someone is offended by a name, a color, a statement, etc. Being respectful means treating everyone with the same respect you would like in return. I'm sure everyone has weird dislikes or likes. We all need to make the effort to remember that and stop continuing with the stupid arguments. This makes Paula and I very frustrated. The same goes for in Ventrilo obviously.

Guild Ranking Title Contest *UPDATED - 3/30/11*
***Winner has not been determined yet. Stay tuned for updates***
The guild ranking title contest (Check Forums under "Guild Suggestions" for more details) will end on March 22, 2011. Winner of this contest will win a mystery prize which will consist of either scrolls, mesos, or items -- OR ALL THREE!! Hence, its a mystery prize! Therefore, all should join!!

Meet & Greet Alliance // Hide & Seek Event *Updated - 3/30/11*
***Event will be postponed until further notice.***
We are planning to take your ideas about having a hide & seek event in the Haunted House and turning it into an entire alliance event. Date to be announced, but it will possibly be held on April 1, 2011. A Volition Top Chef Event will be hosted very soon as well.

Birthday Post on BBS!
A birthday post on BBS will be made!! Post your birthdays so that we can celebrate them!!


If you have any questions, please contact Paula and I. If you have any feedback/comments, I believe this News section allows you to post comments. Thank you in advance, and happy mapling!

----  Eveliesce & Starlis

Site is up!

kbbb, Jan 17, 11 3:46 PM.
    Hey everyone, kbbb here. Just got the website up and running today, let's put it to good use! Over the next couple weeks lots of updates will be made to the site so stay tuned in so you don't miss anything!
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